[Event Closed] Earn Unlimited Cash Event
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  • For each successful sign up through your unique link, your referral counter will get incremented. However, only after completing 10 successful referrals, will you get a RS.100 Amazon Gift Card.
  • This offer is going to end at 11:59 PM 25th January 2020.
  • A successful referral from your unique link will only be counted if the sign-up process is completed on another device.
  • One device can have only one account for counting purposes. Repeated uninstalling & re-installing of the app would not be counted as successful referrals. Usage of automated scripts to bypass the system will also not count successful referrals.
  • You can claim your reward only once in a single day. This daily limit will get reset in the following day.
  • After submitting a redemption request, we will manually verify if your referrals are successful. Only then a gift code will be given to you. Since this process is long, each verified request would be processed within 15 working days. We request you to please be patient.
  • Repeated bypasses and/or hacks would lead to account banning. 

For any concerns or queries please reach out help@krosskomics.com

Thank you!
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